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Washing Machine Pet Hair & Lint Catcher

Washing Machine Pet Hair & Lint Catcher - Gadget Room

Washing Machine Pet Hair & Lint Catcher

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If you're a pet owner, you've noticed the edge of your washing machine is lined with wet animal fur that you have to scrape off every-time you wash your clothes or bed sheets. 

Well, now there's a unique magical flower-shaped lint and hair catcher you can drop into your washing machine with each load, and it'll catch everything in a screen that'll keep your clothes and washer hair-free, making your life much easier!

How it works:

The foam flower part of the device floats on top of the water, while a screen below it catches everything that comes through it, including lint, dog/cat hair, and anything you might've forgotten in your pockets. 

Not only that, but it'll also prevent your washing machine tubes from clogging up with wet lint and dog hair.

Never worry about animal hair or lint on your clothes anymore with the flower lint catcher.

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